The Benefits of Sports Massage

Sports Massage offers a range of physical, physiological, and mental benefits that can help people from all walks of life. Whether you are a sportsman/woman either with or without an injury, or completely ‘un-sporty’ but are suffering with aches, pains and stiffness from general everyday life, sports massage could just well provide you with the relief and results you are looking for.


The physical benefits are what most people associate with having a sports massage. The deep massage techniques work to reduce and remove muscle ‘knots’ (areas of adhesion in the muscle fibre), increase blood flow (and therefore oxygen) to the areas that need it, stretch and mobilise restricted and tight tissue as well as break down any scar tissue and improve overall elasticity. This in turn can help with improving mobility (which is useful regardless of whether you want to run a marathon or just walk about the house in comfort!), keep your muscles and other connective tissues in good working health, reduce the likelihood of injury in the future and keep you active for longer. Who doesn’t want that?!


By releasing the body’s endorphins, sports massage can reduce feelings of pain throughout the body, as well as inducing a relaxed state through the removal of waste and toxin build up. This is why is it especially important to drink plenty of water after a massage, as it helps to flush those re-invigorated toxins out of your system rather than having them resettle in your body, creating more of the same issues you had to begin with!


On top of the wonderful relaxtional benefits on a physiological level, sports massage can massively help reduce and manage mental issues such as stress and anxiety. People forget how much our physical state is effected by our emotional state, and sports massage is great for its ‘double-pronged’ approach, helping you to feel both physically and mentally calm and relaxed after each session.

To summarise, sports massage offers a whole host of positive benefits that can help not just those that do sport, but people from all walks of life. No injury is sports specific and it doesn’t matter whether you pulled a muscle doing your last triathlon or just walking the dog…..if you have a physical discomfort, you don’t have to put up with it! I believe everyone has the right to live a life free from aches, pain and discomfort, so if you are currently not and want to change this please do get in touch!

Thanks for reading,

Kelly | 07722 521 114

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