Why you should add sports massage to your training schedule to make 2018 your best year yet!

Being a sports massage therapist I am, naturally, I’m a bit of an advocate for adding sports massage into your life! It brings so many benefits to the table, whoever you are and whatever your background (read more about the benefits here).

With the new year arriving, many people, whether sporty or not, tend to set themselves new fitness goals, push their current levels of ability and set their sights on achieving great things…..think triathlons, running events (from 5k to full marathons!), cycling events, events for charitable causes, you name it, January is the start of a new chapter and many of us are ready and raring to go!

But, before you head off into the year, legs, wheels, mind at the ready – take a moment to consider how you intend to keep yourself physically on-track this year. And, if you’ve not yet considered sports massage as part of your plan, please, let me give you just a few pretty amazing reasons why you absolutely should!

Find those underlying niggles before they stop you in your tracks!

Many of us (I’m being nice, it’s really ALL of us!) have underlying musculoskeletal issues that should probably be dealt with. Some of them are so tiny we aren’t yet aware we even have them, some of us can feel the beginnings of a problem but have chosen to ignore it, whilst others have a current issue that is well out in the open and causing problems already! If you are planning to push and improve yourself physically this year, the stress on those currently insignificant problems is going to increase, meaning the problem is just going to get bigger the more you stress it out. Start with the long term picture in mind by utilising sports massage as a tool to understand your physical ‘starting point’ and get those little issues found, understood and dealt with before they cause an unwanted injury halfway through your plan.

2. Keep your muscles in good working health

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘use it or lose it!’ Well, this cant be more true than when it comes to our bodies. If we don’t keep them active they will slowly but surely fall apart. And, although this activity is good news for the long-term picture of our health, the short term effects on our muscles can be a bit shocking! If they are not used to much physical activity they will quickly become stiff (quite natural!), or if you are already in good shape but are working to push your personal boundaries and reach the next level, your muscles are going to let you know about it! Sports massage can help with relieving the stiffness, reducing tightness and help any micro-tears gained from the training to heal quickly and correctly. Sports massage also helps to eliminate the toxin build-up in your muscles so they are less likely to feel stiff and are able to recover quickly, keeping your muscles as healthy as they can be through your training plan and keeping you on track with your schedule.

3. Improve your performance!

With better muscle health comes better muscle performance. Quick recovery means you can function at your full potential, quicker, and push yourself harder to reach your goals. Just think, its as simple as a stiff muscle making you reduce your stride length or pedal power vs. a thriving muscle that feels great, letting you open up that stride, push that pedal harder or perfect that swimming stroke to glide seamlessly through the water. Being able to use your muscles to their full potential allows your body to function with its full range of movement, meaning you just have to learn how to utilise its power to reach your goals!

4. Injury management (Because they happen to the best of us)

Even with a fool proof training plan and regular sports massage, sometimes an injury just cant be avoided. They completely suck and can throw even the most dedicated sportsman right off track, but sports massage can help you find your way back when all feels lost! Depending on the injury, sports massage, when applied at the correct time, can help your body to heal to its best ability, helping the muscle fibres to realign themselves correctly, reducing scar tissue and knotting, helping reduce and eliminate oedema (fluid and swelling) and getting rid of those toxins hanging about too.

It’s not the magic answer to everything, but sports massage definitely speaks for itself when it comes to the benefits experienced by those already using it. Unfortunately, many people wait until the injury happens before they come to see me! Don’t be that wally, and don’t risk having to give up your goals because of an injury that might have bee avoided. Plan smart by including regular sports massage to your schedule and you can be sure you are doing everything you can to get yourself over the finish line in 2018.

If you’d like to chat with me about booking a session, just drop me a message at km-therapy@hotmail.co.uk or call 07722 521 114.

Thanks for reading,


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