Qualified in both human and equine sports massage, Kelly is an experienced sports massage therapist able to ease and improve numerous physical complaints for people from all walks of life. With a background in horse riding, she is very much aware of the effect that physical activities and hard labour can have on the human body, and also understands how the alleviation of these issues can really improve our posture, comfort, effectiveness and performance.

Kelly is passionate about helping her clients achieve and maintain an active, mobile and comfortable body. Not only for sports people, sports massage is the perfect solution for many every day aches, pains and stress/tension related issues. Ranging from their twenties to their seventies, many of her clients are not even involved in sports at all!

Kelly works alongside other local health professionals, providing an effective multi-disciplinary approach to improving her client’s physical needs. Having established strong local contacts in the healthcare industry, Kelly’s professional network is a great additional benefit to her clients when required.